Zlata & Slavik

When choosing a wedding photographer for our wedding, I quickly became discouraged, as all of the portfolios I looked at were so formal and bland that eventually I couldn’t even tell if I’m still looking at the same wedding or a different one. Dina’s take on weddings awed and amazed me to no end. The pictures that we took on our wedding day were one of a kind and truly fit our vision and essence.

Bella & Alex

Dina, thank you for being our wedding photographer and doing an absolutely amazing job. You have managed to capture the mood and the atmosphere perfectly and seemed to know exactly the right moments to take a picture.

Dorina & Eddie

I can’t thank you enough for how amazing you made us both look. You are amazing! Thank you again.

Violet & Albert

We were very happy with our experience with Dina. We wanted to be in love with our wedding pictures yesterday, today and tomorrow and that is exactly what we got. Dina’s ability to capture timeless moments is uncanny. Her work transcends the ordinary and every image gives you an insight on a style that is uniquely hers while still allowing the couple to express themselves. We were thrilled with the final outcome.

Laure & Eugene

It was a pleasure working with Dina as our wedding photographer. We really liked Dina’s non-intrusive style and her ability to capture all the raw action of that day. At the same time, she also posed us alone and together with the bridal party when necessary so we could have some formal looking pictures as well. She is easygoing and really listened to our input regarding what we wanted, which was greatly appreciated.